Development Strategy
  • 1988-1996
    Advancing by science and technology
  • 1997-2004
    brand building create advantage
  • 2005-2012
    cooperation promote development
  • 2013-Now
    innovation embrace future
Development Plan
Leading by science and technology , enhancing enterprise’s core competition
Adhere to the "four new" to promote "four modernizations", through scientific and technological innovation to promote industries and products to the two ends of high value-added.
Development Plan
Integrating petrochemical and rubber business to play a leading role, developing new growth drivers for the enterprise
On the one hand, it continues to strengthen the soil industry and rammed the development foundation. Aiming at the development direction of petrochemical and rubber integration, we focus on building the industrial agglomeration effect. On the other hand, it will accelerate the strategic layout of "going out" and improve the level of enterprise internationalization.
Development Plan
Advance multi-industry integration to shape multisectoral development strategy pattern
First, the joint venture cooperation between the state-owned enterprises and the state-owned enterprises. The two is to highlight the "entity + trade". The three is to highlight the "entity + Internet". Four is to highlight the "entity + capital operation".
Development Plan
China Wanda Group will seize the historical opportunity of “ the Belt and Road Initiative “ and “ China manufacturing 2025” to prepare for future development
Closely around the "leading industry, creating the world brand, do thousand billion strong prices, cast a hundred years Wanda" the overall development of ideas, to promote enterprise development, green low-carbon, intelligent manufacturing oriented to innovation driven, and constantly improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises, strive for among the world's top 500.
Honorable Certificate
Wanda group has won many honorable titles like National May 1st Labor Award, National Contract-respect Enterprise,AAAA Class Enterprise with National Standardized Good Behaviour. The group is only one private enterprises whose parent company and its subsidiary company are evaluated AA+ Credit in Shandong Province.