Speech by the chairman
Jiyong Shang
Chairman , party secretory of China Wanda Group
Mr. Shang is the National Model Worker and the International Worker's Day Medal Winner. He has an MBA of Beijing Institute of Technology, EMBA of Peking University, PHD of Beijing Institute of Technology, Senior EMBA of Stanford, EMBA of Cheung Kong GSB, Senior Economist and Professor of Engineering. He also served as a vice chairman of Shan Dong Association of Undertakings, vice chairman of Dong Ying Association of Industry and Commerce, vice chairman of Dong Ying Municipal Enterprise Association, President of Camber of the Import and Export Trade. He has been awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneur, the first Session of Young Entrepreneur Management Innovation, Award in Building a Harmonious Society, Top Ten Outstanding Youth of Shandong Province, May 4th Youth Medal, the Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Excellent Communist Party Member of Shan Dong Province, Elitist of The Yellow River Delta and Meritocracy in Dong Ying City.
The chairman speech
On the land of country’s over 96 billion km, Innovation and transformation are taken place everywhere and everyday. Wanda Group is fortunately involved in this change to develop itself by following up new innovative thinking and producing new products.
Wanda has grown up at the Yellow River Estuary. The blue Bohai sea and the Yellow River junction generates the personality of Wanda. The blue color symbolizing the ocean civilization represents innovation and Go-global idea of Wanda. And the yellow color symbolizing the Yellow River civilization represents the accumulated strength and passion of the Confucian Businessman.
Time is like a song and brings a great change to the world. Wanda people experienced historical shift from “ Made in China” to China intelligent manufacturing” through hard working and innovation since 1980’s . We respect hard working and are grateful to the times. We will move forward to the change from “China Intelligent Manufacturing” to China Creating” in future.
Looking forward the future, Wanda people, with vision of Gathering scientific and technological talents and building up Wanda foundation evergreen”, will create more glorious future and develop Wanda into more stronger, powerful in new historical times.Solid work makes a great cause and dream triggers inspiration. We have the greatest esteem for new thinking and we move with times.